What makes us unique?

Our highly specialized advisors have over 100 years of airline experience providing a full spectrum of services – fleet management, maintenance and engineering and financial performance improvements.  We understand your challenges and provide immediate value to you by providing both guidance and IT solutions to monitor your organization to ensure your company sustains and improves its performance.

Most companies have IT systems in place that address 90% of its needs.  But, it is the remaining 10% that creates the biggest negative impact to organizations.  We fill in this gap by streamlining the information flow so that you have the right information at the right time to make better decisions.

We provide solution based systems

Corporate Dashboards

We can provide visibility of how your company is operating by utilizing Business intelligence (BI) with search-driven analytics for the enterprise.  We do this by combining your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with consolidated data to allow for a complete picture of the overall status of your business.   To highlight any deviations, we use visual cues with stop light indicators (red, amber, green) to notify all responsible parties

Key Benefits

Ability to forecast both financial and operational requirements through analytics.
Supports process improvement initiatives by providing improved visibility.
Empowering stake holders to resolve conflicts quicker.
Aligns functional areas to your company’s corporate objectives.
Improved collaboration between functional areas.

Data warehousing

We bring together all your existing data sources from your core systems (financial, operational, human resources) into a centralized database.   This will support your decision-making process through data collection, consolidation, and analytics.

Key Benefits

Shared information from a single data source.
Easier access to information to improve internal reporting documentation flow.
Extending the life of your current core systems.
Improves scalability of your current systems without changing them.
Develop additional application support systems without building additional data sources.
Reduce the amount of in-house solutions for reporting.
Centralized KPI monitoring and control.

We specialize in providing proven Aerospace Solutions in the following areas:

Fleet Management

  • Aircraft utilization and optimization control
  • Aircraft route planning
  • Crew scheduling

Maintenance and Engineering

Technical Publications
  • Provide 3rd party hosting services for technical documentation.
    • Product Operation Manuals
    • Component Maintenance Manuals and Supplements
    • Wiring Diagram Manual Supplements
    • Flight Manual Supplements
    • Illustrated Parts Catalog Supplements
    • Service Bulletins
    • Aircraft Maintenance Manual Supplements
Capacity Planning
  • Event Scheduling and Prioritization
  • Manpower Availability Tracking (Certifications, HR Availability)
  • Manpower Optimization
  • Efficiency and Productivity Monitoring
  • Task / Work card Management
Maintenance Logistics and Procurement
  • Maintenance Scheduling
    • Magnetic board dashboards
    • Engine LLP Tracking and Monitoring
  • Maintenance Monitoring and Control
    • Cost Monitoring
      • Maintenance work scope cost estimation
      • Cost exceedance control
    • Milestone Event Planning
    • Technical Document Control – service bulletin, AD repair requirements, 3rd party requirements
    • Material Availability Visibility
      • In-house Repair monitoring
      • Outside Vendor Management
      • Stores Management
    • Materials Management
      • Surplus inventory identification
      • Linking production scheduling and maintenance planning to determine material requirements

We would like to learn more about your technology requirements.

Our Technology Advisor

Contact us to request CVs of our Technology Advisor

Peter Jorssen

Senior Technology Advisor
AviTrader CS GmbH

Mobile +1 (604) 318 5207
Email:  peter.jorssen@avitradercs.com

Peter brings tremendous technical expertise and innovation. He has spent over 25 years in aerospace in the Business Analysis, Information Technology and Maintenance divisions.

Peter has a thorough understanding of maintenance processes within the airframe and jet engine MRO sectors and is an expert in areas such as – inventory optimization, maintenance capacity planning, and financial monitoring and control.  He also has a sound information technology background as he is able identify cost saving IT solutions for various areas of the organization.

He has successfully led complex projects that includes full software development life cycle, process and methodology and delivered enterprise wide logistical and collaborative environments by utilizing B2B web and mobile technologies.

Some of his key successes include:

  • providing integrated systems that handle and facilitate maintenance cost monitoring and control
  • providing B2B / B2C platforms for better collaboration with external and internal stackholders.
  • providing Software as a Service (SaaS) systems that monitor aircraft flight data (ACARS) that track and notify the airline when engine maintenance job visits are due
  • providing complex engine maintenance systems that track all parts throughout the maintenance process from disassembly, inspection, logistics and build.
  • providing resource and capacity planning online systems at a multi-site aerospace company that provides job assignments to mechanics based upon availability and qualification factors.
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