• Designation: Senior Advisor - Amros Global GmbH
  • Company: Amros-Global GmbH

Giovanni Renga has performed a variety of roles in technical services and asset management. Originally he worked as a line & base engineer in several countries representing different customers. He has an extensive background around aviation industry and intercultural issues.

Before joining Amros-Global, he worked several years for SR Technics, where he was Head of Ground-time Planning up to heavy maintenance including aircraft condition checks, phase out & in activities and special ground times.

His career has had a particular focus on technical and planning services throughout the civil aviation industry. He is one of the driving forces and visionaries who is capable of identifying effective solutions even if there is enormous time pressure. His excellent MRO knowledge and huge network is a key element that makes him so successful. Looking for a new challenge and to spread his knowledge he joined Amros-Global.