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Torsten Tamm

Senior Advisor

Torsten Tamm joined the commercial aviation industry back in 1991. He held various senior executive positions in Germany, Canada, Switzerland and the Middle East. He was responsible for up to 1,800 employees in his direct reporting line. He is a recognized strategic thinking senior management executive with strong leadership skills, restructuring experience and international management expertise. Torsten guided large organizations through major financial and operational restructuring programs while motivating staff to maintain and improve operation performance. His positions included CEO, Managing Director, CFO, Executive Vice President and Vice President positions for large organizations in the OEM-, airline- and MRO-industry.

Torsten Tamm is founding partner of 2003 established Tamm, Bresler & Associates Inc. (Vancouver, San Francisco, and London) and 2010 established TBA Consulting Services (Munich). All those aviation-consulting activities now operationally and geographically consolidated under the roof of AviTrader CS GmbH, with its offices being located in Munich, Germany. Under his guidance, the consulting business managed hundreds of millions worth of MRO contract tenders for engine and components. In addition the consulting firms successfully tendered and sold significant packages of surplus rotables inventories.


Areas of expertise include

  • Inventory Reduction & Optimization Initiatives
  • Cash Recovery Programs
  • Surplus Inventory Re-Marketing
  • MRO Tender Management
  • Maintenance Cost Reduction Initiatives
  • Hangar and Workshop Performance Improvement Initiatives
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Process Re-Design
  • Strategy Development for MRO Organization

Eros Tavani

Senior Advisor

As a leader in aircraft management he is at the forefront in the field of commercial aircraft management. Eros Tavani holds an engineering degree in aircraft engineering and in economics.

He offers over 35 years airline and MRO experience focusing on contract management and key account and sales, customer support, maintenance & reliability program, planning and quality.

Previously, he was Vice President at Swissair Purchasing Technical Services and Vice President Customer Relations for 4 of the top 10 full-support customers in SR Technics. Here he was responsible for projects such as the overall integration of new full support customers within all business units.

For Swissair he established the new business unit “Purchasing Technical Services” in Brussels. He was also responsible for integrating Swissair Planning and Maintenance Philosophy within Sabena Technics. Through his long experience in customer relationship and key account management, Eros Tavani knows customers’ expectations and needs better than anyone in the airline business.

Helmut Himmelreich

Senior Advisor / Associate

Helmut Himmelreich is the most senior adviser of our team. He joined the commercial aviation industry back in 1978. He held various senior executive positions in Germany and Switzerland. In his position as Chief Operating Officer for a major airline he was responsible for about 8,000 employees in his direct reporting line. He is a recognized result driven senior management executive with strong leadership skills, restructuring experience and a track record to improve the operational performance of large airlines. His positions included CEO, Managing Director, Executive Vice President, Technical Director and Accountable Manager for large organizations in the airline and MRO-industry. Helmut is familiar with all aspects of an airline´s operation and knows how to improve the operational  performance while reducing the unit cost at the same time.

Areas of expertise include

  • Improvement Initiatives “On-Time-Performance”
  • Cost Reduction Programs

Marcel Hollenstein

Senior Advisor

One of the driving forces and visionaries in bringing A320 Heavy Business to SR Technics Zurich. With more than 35 years of experience in the commercial aviation industry, he has held numerous key roles within the MRO business. He was the key figure in solving business cases such as TAT reduction for Easy-Jet “14 Day” for an IL check. In addition, he was involved in planning, cost estimation, controlling, invoicing and customer relationships on-site during complex, large-scale projects.

Marcel Hollenstein holds an MBA degree and consistently seeks long-term business partnerships. He believes that business should be win-win and is willing to share experience and lend a hand wherever and whenever needed. Through his extraordinary attention to detail and understanding of the aviation industry, he has successfully cultivated a strong customer base while building a reputable and profitable in-house organization.

Peter Jorssen

Senior Technology Advisor

Peter brings tremendous technical expertise and innovation. He has spent over 25 years in aerospace in the Business Analysis, Information Technology and Maintenance divisions.

Peter has a thorough understanding of maintenance processes within the airframe and jet engine MRO sectors and is an expert in areas such as – inventory optimization, maintenance capacity planning, and financial monitoring and control.  He also has a sound information technology background as he is able identify cost saving IT solutions for various areas of the organization.

He has successfully led complex projects that includes full software development life cycle, process and methodology and delivered enterprise wide logistical and collaborative environments by utilizing B2B web and mobile technologies.

Some of his key successes include:

  • providing integrated systems that handle and facilitate maintenance cost monitoring and control
  • providing B2B / B2C platforms for better collaboration with external and internal stackholders.
  • providing Software as a Service (SaaS) systems that monitor aircraft flight data (ACARS) that track and notify the airline when engine maintenance job visits are due
  • providing complex engine maintenance systems that track all parts throughout the maintenance process from disassembly, inspection, logistics and build.
  • providing resource and capacity planning online systems at a multi-site aerospace company that provides job assignments to mechanics based upon availability and qualification factors.

Giovanni Renga

Senior Advisor

Giovanni Renga has performed a variety of roles in technical services and asset management. Originally he worked as a line & base engineer in several countries representing different customers. He has an extensive background around aviation industry and intercultural issues.

Before joining Amros-Global, he worked several years for SR Technics, where he was Head of Ground-time Planning up to heavy maintenance including aircraft condition checks, phase out & in activities and special ground times.

His career has had a particular focus on technical and planning services throughout the civil aviation industry. He is one of the driving forces and visionaries who is capable of identifying effective solutions even if there is enormous time pressure. His excellent MRO knowledge and huge network is a key element that makes him so successful. Looking for a new challenge and to spread his knowledge he joined Amros-Global.

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